Onsen Information
Kakenagashi-system baths with 100 % fresh hot spring water
Open air bath
Special care
In order to provide fresh and clean baths for our guests, we completely drain all the tubs and clean thoroughly every day.
Then we fill up all our baths with fresh sulfur spring water.
Since the hot spring water comes up at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius from the source, which is too hot to bathe, the spring water is cooled to obtain an ideal temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius for bathing. We may not be able to provide the same temperature all the time, but we would like our guests to enjoy our inn with real Kakenagashi-style onsen baths.
Open air bath
Open air bath
Hot spring Properties/Benefits
Sulfur -sodium-chloride
and sulfate hot spring
Health Benefits
Skin beautifying effect
peripheral vasodilator action
hypotensive action
thermal effect
Public bath
Public bath
Public bath
Private Bath
Private Bath
A private bath is a hot spring bathtub apart from a public bath, which can be reserved for private use.
Rental fee for a private bath; 1,000yen per 50 minutes
Massage Therapy
Having massage therapy after taking a bath is common in Japan.
Ask the front desk to have a masseur or a masseuse in your room for massage therapy.
Massage therapy fee; 4,000yen per 40 minutes